Avoiding guilt and overcoming conscience
Since the diapers of each of us have been accustomed to the fact that for each misconduct must be held accountable. Every extra word spoken can cause a storm of…

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How to revive relationships and restore intimacy?
“Love lives for three years” - such an idea was put forward by the famous French writer. It would seem that long-term marriages are clear evidence of the opposite, but…

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5 tips for men and women
How to maintain a relationship between a man and a woman, the psychology of the issue is quite diverse, there is a specificity of the needs of a man and…

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the boundaries

Symptoms of Depression

How to get out of depression after breaking up? First of all, you need to recognize its presence and find out the main symptoms. The leading signs that may indicate a pathology are:

depressed mood;
a sharp decrease in the level of performance;
desire to stay alone;
lack of interest in life;
pessimistic attitude to the present and future;
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How to know that he is the one?

But it usually starts small. How to recognize love?

Another person suddenly causes you emotions – not always positive. It can be surprise, interest, or even negative feelings. But it suddenly becomes meaningful to you. Or not a friend – but after a time, when a long-familiar person causes you unusual excitement, interest
To fall in love is to feel euphoria, to become prettier, to mobilize all your strength! The body responds to another person. “We are anxious, and our body releases adrenaline, which speeds up heartbeat and strengthens sweating,” says sexologist Gislen Paris. According to him, in the human body dopamine, Continue reading

How to get rid of guilt – a practical guide

Before you start, I want to make a small remark that it is still necessary to feel guilty in some situations – in this way we demonstrate our humanity. A complete exclusion, as well as the deliberate atrophy of this emotion, will lead to a peculiar “disconnection” of all other emotions, except the most primitive ones. Therefore, to begin with, clearly define the boundaries that you are ready to expand without causing harm, primarily to yourself.

The first way that goes on the list of how to get rid of guilt is to find out the cause of this kind of emotion. First of all, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of a number of situations in which this emotion was clearly expressed. Find out for yourself whether the reason for the guilt was justified, and not invented, Continue reading

Perfect man through the eyes of men
A survey on the parameters of a man’s ideality showed that not all guys are ready to give an answer: "everything is individual, different criteria"; "never thought"; "hard to say…


Three aspects that define a woman leader
Many people wonder what every girl should be able to achieve recognition of others. Opinions are very different. Some consider the presence of leadership skills and career advancement a success,…


Operation "Save Love" has begun!
And yet, if you find yourself among the lucky ones who just have temporary difficulties that need, and most importantly can be fixed, then here you are. To begin with,…


Crisis after 30 years for men and women
As for the crisis after 30 years in men, it is directly related to the manifestation and self-realization of their own “I”. All that a man wants, living a period…