"We quarrel over trifles"
In fact, nothing happens. Many often confuse the cause and the cause of the conflict. Really, any “trifle” can become a reason - he did not call from work, which…

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"How to save a marriage, how to restore a relationship?"
Recognize the need to restore relations, find the opportunity to convey aspiration information to a loved one, partner. The way to restore relations depends on the cause of the breakup,…

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What actions speak of you as a bad wife
There are acts that do not contribute to the strengthening of marriage. But if actions become a habit, then a person does not see anything bad in them. He uses…

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dreams of becoming

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What is shyness? Its manifestations and consequences

For most of us, shyness is a sign of something very sweet, kind, even plush. In our eyes, a shy person automatically becomes either a knight or a princess. But in reality, everything is far from being so cute when it comes to oneself, right? After all, to be completely honest, shyness is the same self-doubt, just a side view, and it sends life very much, starting from childhood. There isn’t enough courage to answer the teacher’s question, even if you know the lesson perfectly well, you’re afraid to get to know a new person – in the end, you come to the conclusion that the best solution to the problem is invisibility, some invisibility among society. The purpose of this article is to help many of us go out and finally lose our invisibility cloak and understand how to learn to love and respect ourselves.
Everything reaches me pretty slowly, but I’m embarrassed when something doesn’t work with strangers, and then it completely stops working, and I’m embarrassed even more … © Max Fry

What is shyness? Its manifestations and consequences
Drawing on the writings of a renowned British psychologist, Raymond Cattel, who devoted much of his Continue reading

Perfect man through the eyes of men

A survey on the parameters of a man’s ideality showed that not all guys are ready to give an answer:

“everything is individual, different criteria”;
“never thought”;
“hard to say right away”;
“ideals do not exist.”
Young people are more inclined to evaluate women, although there are those who work on themselves, personality development, and know what parameters to strive for. Probably, it depends on the upbringing, Continue reading

What should be a man in the eyes of a woman?

Men: the perfect man, what is he? Women all their lives live in search of the ideal life partner, I wonder what kind of ideal man he is through the eyes of men and women? Maybe girls dream of a pipe or princes still exist? Today we will conduct an experiment, we compare the male and female point of view on this issue. Is it possible to be an ideal man or women set too high criteria? Can the myth of the ideal man be embodied in life?
What should be a man in the eyes of a woman?
Women love to dream of a perfect lover. In childhood, reading fairy tales, we present a wonderful young man: loving, caring, attentive, sensitive, devoted to his beloved, courageous and with an inheritance, of course, in the form of a kingdom.
But what are the criteria for earthly men, what are they guided by when choosing a life partner?

qualities of an ideal man
An ideal man should possess the following qualities: Continue reading

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Crisis after 30 years for men and women
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How to get rid of guilt - a practical guide
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Self-doubt: how to learn to love and respect yourself if you are a teenager?
“How to love yourself?” - ask such a question to the teenager and be sure - you will enter him into a stupor, as they obviously will not find the…


What causes male anger and irritation
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