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How to survive a breakup and learn to be happy: the best tips

Depression after breaking up: what is it
Alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction are known to everyone. By analogy with them, there is a dependence in relation to a loved one. Fear of loss is comparable to death. To get rid of a state of oppressed feeling, you need a strong desire, a desire to achieve a result and an unwavering will.

Dealing with depression after breaking up is difficult, but possible. As soon as the awareness of the need to be with someone comes, to show love and care, an understanding of oneself will appear. It is important to start with the realization that to love and be loved is a basic human need.
If a woman who loves her man disappears from the life of a woman or the opposite situation occurs, then consciousness does not believe in the event to the last. It tries to live in the past or moves in the present tense with great difficulty. Pleasant and joyful memories fall into the category of unbearable thoughts, sometimes they immerse a person in a state of depression. As soon as the pain rolls with renewed vigor, the situation is even more aggravated. Therefore, it is important to get out of depression as soon as possible after parting.

To exit from a depressive state, you need to deal with its main components, which are part of emotional attachment.

The following stages of this feeling exist:

Attraction is described as a strong emotion. It relates to both the mental and physical condition of a person. Falling in love means perceiving events in pink, the partner seems the best and perfect. During attachment, a deep and lasting bond is established between two loving people.

Hormones or love
how to survive the breakup
An understanding of how chemicals that affect positive emotions can help relieve depression after breaking up. During falling in love, a person develops endocrine glands. These include endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. Such elements are found in the body of drug addicts. They constantly need the next dose, which helps provoke the release of these substances.

Romantic love usually ends because of biochemistry. The body is simply not able to constantly support the release of a large number of hormones, over time, a strong attraction to a partner becomes less and less.
After about three years, disappointment sets in, love passes, relationships break. Depression can only go away after a person clarifies to himself the essence of chemical processes in the body. The depressive state with this type of separation does not last long. This is confirmed by the statistics of divorces, especially in the early years of family life.

How to get out of depression after breaking up and not be addicted to love? It is important to understand that sad feelings take possession of a person rather than because of a departed partner, but rather because of their state of loneliness, longing. It turns out that the individual for some time loses love. I want them to never end. Usually such a desire is characteristic of egoists. It happens that a loved one or beloved leaves, it’s hard to put up with this.

Disease phases
Depression after parting with a partner all has approximately the same scenario. The stages of the disorder are sequentially included. After a period of separation, five phases occur:

Shock, numbness, denial.
Resentment, bitterness, aggression.
Attempts at reconciliation.
Apathy and depression.
Awareness, acceptance and adaptation.
During the phase of shock and numbness, the first response occurs when the partner has left. The person denies such an event. Usually this happens when the gap is unexpected, without good reason. It is difficult to realize the choice of a partner and accept it. The abandoned spouse still has the illusion that relations can be restored.

Consciousness does not want to accept the fact of a break. The brain triggers a defensive reaction. A person does not think about how to get out of depression after parting. He is trying to regain his soulmate. These are protective mechanisms in stressful situations

Sometimes a divorce is planned, mutual, but spouses still do not accept the fact that they are no longer partners, and do not have a common future. The difficulty is awareness at the psyche level, she lives on past events. The shock can last several months or years, this adversely affects the physical and mental health of the individual.

In the second phase, when resentment and bitterness arise, a person begins to realize the gap. Here, the former partner is seen as a tyrant who caused pain, delivered mental anguish. It seems that getting rid of depression after breaking up will help revenge. Sometimes you want to take revenge by blood. This is how the instinct of self-preservation, laid down at the genetic level, works. If you need to survive, then it is better to attack first.
As soon as the peak of emotional tension is reached, aggression spills over. There may be flashes of rage that are difficult to control. Partners are constantly quarreling, are constantly in the process of clarifying the relationship.

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