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What to do if you fell out of love with your husband. What to do if love is gone.

Sometimes it happens that until recently a bride in love, after a while realizes that she does not love her husband and she is tormented by the question of how to live on. Many women, having lived in marriage for many years, realize that they are no longer drawn to physical intimacy with her husband. His character is annoying, and there’s nothing to talk about with him.

What to do if you fell out of love with your husband? What if love is gone?
Many women humble themselves and continue to live with an unloved man by inertia, because they have a home and prosperity, and you need to think about children. And others – they suffer, pour tears into the pillow, refusing to accept such a reality. And the most determined and self-confident women have the courage to divorce, although it is very difficult to decide on it.

– Many women do not part with their unloved husband because of the following factors.

* The presence of children. However, many psychologists believe that children receive less psychological trauma from the divorce of their parents than from daily quarrels, humiliations and manifestations of dislike between parents.

* Lack of living space. Many women would have long left their disgusted spouse, but nowhere to go.

* Pity for the husband. Many women believe that the husband will not tolerate a divorce and will succumb or lay hands on himself. Sometimes, husbands inspire them.

* Blackmail of the spouse. The unloved husband blackmails his spouse by doing everything to deprive her of motherhood and all material values, turns her life into hell if she filed for divorce. And she is forced to endure it.

* Fear of loneliness. Many women are not confident in themselves and are afraid that they will no longer be able to find a mate, and will spend the rest of their lives alone. Such thoughts, very often, are heated by the spouse so that she does not abandon him.

Women who have driven themselves into such a trap live with their husband without love, and with time, with estrangement and hatred for him. A woman without love becomes angry and often breaks down on children and loved ones, blaming everyone for her failed life.

– What to do if you feel that you do not love your husband.

* Make a reassessment of the relationship. Write all the shortcomings and advantages of your husband that relate to love and your relationship. Remember that you need to decide if love for your husband remains. Therefore, do not evaluate it by earnings, by helping you in the household, in relation to children, etc. After all, you may have a depressive state, which is reflected in the attitude towards your spouse. Then everything can be corrected.

* Conduct an analysis of their feelings. After all, it may seem that love is gone. Very often, passion at the beginning of a relationship is perceived as a manifestation of love. Usually, over time, passion is replaced by a quiet, calm life, warmth and understanding, and this is normal.

Most likely, you need a former romance, vivid feelings or the attention of your husband. And all this can be corrected. It is enough to go on a trip, take a walk, holding hands under the stars or rain. Become teenagers in love for a while.

If the old passion flashed in you, it means that the feelings have not left you, you just need to stir them up sometimes.

* Difficulty of choice. When a woman does not know what she should do: get a divorce or leave everything in the same places, you should consult a psychologist for advice. With the help of a specialist, you will be able to understand yourself and your feelings. Perhaps love has not gone away, just there is dissatisfaction with the quality of the relationship.

* “Do not chop off the shoulder.” If a woman is categorically inclined to divorce, then do not rush, because the divorce is not going anywhere from you. You can part for a while or go on vacation separately to calmly sort out your feelings, think and weigh.

If you can’t see any further life with your spouse, you are much better and calmer without him, then get a divorce, not regretting anything and not looking back. Maybe love never happened, but you got married, simply because the time has come.

However, if a woman is not left in doubt and anxiety for her future life in a divorce, then do not rush with this. It’s better to try to revive the old passion and feelings.

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