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Avoiding guilt and overcoming conscience

Since the diapers of each of us have been accustomed to the fact that for each misconduct must be held accountable. Every extra word spoken can cause a storm of indignation, as well as be condemned. On the one hand, this is very good, because, inspiring guilt, we were instilled with control over our own behavior, showing by example what is “good” and what is “bad”. Only one problem – if you go too far with this technique, in the future you can get a person with a full complex of guilt, which he will experience even for the most minor misconduct. And if sometimes a similar (guilt) feeling is necessary, then sometimes it can become a serious life obstacle. That is why you need to figure out for yourself how to get rid of guilt.
Guilt – feeling and remorse are devoid of meaning and meaning. These are feelings, experiences. Not thoughts. © Carlos Ruiz Safon.

Table of contents:
Feeling guilty – the psychology of its occurrence
How to get rid of guilt – a practical guide
Guilt as a way of life
Feeling guilty – the psychology of its occurrence
guilt guilt
Before giving advice on how to get rid of guilt, you need to understand what it hides under itself, as well as what varieties this emotion has – its types, their characteristics.

In itself, guilty feelings are direct evidence of a person’s mental health. Because if this feeling is absent or atrophied. It should immediately seek the advice of a specialist. Feeling of guilt and shame is, first of all, awareness of the negative color of one’s own actions, through the prism of such emotions as anxiety, embarrassment, and sometimes anger, which is directed at oneself.

As for the varieties of guilt, according to psychology, there are several of them and they are classified due to the direct relationship between people.

And although many authors of scientific works interpret them completely differently, they all agree on 6 varieties of guilt:

type – child – family;
One of the most primitive varieties of this feeling, because they use it unconsciously. A distinctive feature is that the child in order to achieve certain goals (for example, comfort) causes a feeling of guilt through his actions. It can be crying or ignoring the parents.

In this case, the main fault lies with the parents. Since the child chooses a similar model of behavior only occasionally, only if it bears fruit. So try to correctly dose such a feeling in front of the child in everyday situations;

type – Family – child
Often, this particular variety is the reason for turning to the search for how to get rid of guilt already at a much more mature age. Almost 80% of parenting in early childhood is based on the child feeling guilty. Indeed, if a child is capable of experiencing this, it means that he has, albeit at a primitive level, a judgment on morality, on the concepts of good and evil. The only mistake that seemed to be in this good upbringing scheme was the incorrect presentation of information. The child should not behave in such a way as to justify absolutely all the expectations raised on him. No, he must behave according to the framework of ethical standards. Yes, exactly, but in the first place should be purely his interests, and then others;

begging love using guilt;
A similar manifestation is often encountered in an already more mature age. It’s not a secret that sometimes in a relationship, each at least once, but used phrases of the category “You don’t love me at all, because if you loved me …” or “Because of your bad attitude towards me you …”. Everyone knows this, right? The only difference is which side of the barricade you are on. We can safely say that such a feeling of guilt will be imposed on you either unintentionally – in the heat of a quarrel, or else it will be subtle manipulation to achieve goals. In this case, it is recommended to take a closer look at your partner so that you don’t then look for ways to get rid of guilt;

sexual guilt
Yes, that happens too. True, this will not be about unjustified expectations, but about that sense of guilt and shame that many (again, due to improper upbringing) arise when they recognize themselves as a full-fledged person who can also (oh gods) be sexually attracted to the object of interest. Such concepts as sexuality, desire become shameful, perhaps even felt as something immoral. The only solution on this basis will be very simple. Any relationship of an intimate nature is normal, which means there is nothing to be ashamed of. You can reassure yourself that all this is natural, and therefore not ugly;

religious ground
Since the topic of religion has always been a stumbling block among people, it is worth noting simply the fact that it is precisely in 50 out of 100 cases that causes a feeling of guilt.

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