How to keep a relationship in marriage?
Search for information, ways to improve the intimate sphere of life. Now a lot of literature is freely available for men and women, but remember - the main thing is…

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Female psychology in love and relationships
The psychology of women in love is significantly different from that of men, women are emotional, impressionable, love is perceived in a more romantic light, idealization of a loved one…

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Wife like mom
“How can this be? I did everything for him! Who was he when we met? Yes, he didn’t know how to relate the two words, I even helped graduate from…

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What actions speak of you as a bad wife

There are acts that do not contribute to the strengthening of marriage. But if actions become a habit, then a person does not see anything bad in them. He uses them daily in everyday life and in communication with his partner, believing that they do not bring him pain or disappointment.

What actions speak of you as a bad wife?
According to the psychologist, some of our actions and habits repel the spouse, cause resentment, anger and misunderstanding. It must be remembered that, having realized the problem, you are ready for positive changes and after recognizing the shortcomings, you can restore the emotional health of your family.

From our article, you will learn about some habits that should be eradicated, because they spoil the status of a good wife and can lead to divorce.

You cannot close your eyes to the minor mistakes of your partner.
The constant criticism of his insignificant mistakes in actions and words shows your insecurity, not love. Judge for yourself: who likes to know that he does everything wrong? Each of us has bad habits that can annoy others. But if you decide to live with this person, then you have already accepted him with all the shortcomings, so why do you want to remake him? The desire to control the actions and thoughts of the spouse, “improve” his personality is exactly the opposite of love, psychologists say. Do you want it to meet your expectations and standards? This is slightly selfish. Instead of constant indignation and criticism, even jokingly, try to talk frankly and help him if he wants to.

When you are upset, you do not express it directly.
Accumulating resentment and other negative emotions in oneself is wrong. This is another extreme, which does not need to fall into. Just as one should not criticize a loved one for every trifle, one does not need to hide his discontent over more serious reasons. If you will restrain your emotions when a partner openly offends you or flirts in your presence with another, be sure: this situation will happen again. “Even if you have been married for a long time and are sure that your spouse knows you are flaky, you should not play a psychological“ guessing game ”, it’s better to express your complaints right away,” says relationship coach David Bennett. In strong families, partners honestly and openly express their desires, so if you are uncomfortable, immediately talk with your partner instead of waiting until he guesses everything himself.

You always accompany your spouse during friendly meetings.
At first, everyone likes it and does not bother anyone. But in the end, without giving him any freedom, you will look like a dog on a leash. The desire to spend every free minute together is an indicator that you are dependent on your partner and have low self-esteem. A close relationship with a spouse is good, but only until she becomes obsessive and begins to annoy him.

You always want to win controversy.
A healthy relationship needs a compromise. And if every time you come into conflict with your husband, you try by all means to “win” and act in your own way, you seriously risk your relationship. The man who always reserves the last word in the dispute considers marriage as a battlefield, a conquest. If you act in this way, then you are not showing your love for your husband, but you are banally trying to raise your self-esteem, to feel the power.

The next time you want to win the dispute, ask yourself the question, why do you need this, and try to give in.

If a spouse has a bad day, you just advise him to survive it.
Even if you don’t know another way to support your husband, don’t think that a friendly pat on the shoulder can help him. If he is sad and anxious, you will not cheer him up if you say: “Everything will pass” and “Come on, stop whining!” Or something like that. Many men are quite vulnerable, and if you do not console him when he is hard on his soul, he can perceive it as callousness and indifference. In this case, the man thinks that you need only to satisfy your needs, and when trouble happens and he urgently needs support, you don’t want to satisfy his need.

You’re on the phone all the time, even if you two are together.
Today it is impossible to completely abandon the use of the phone, however, at some points, communication on social networks can cause serious disagreement with a partner. One of those moments is a date with your loved one. When you watch a movie together or sit in a restaurant, it is important not only to be physically close, but also to pay attention to each other. You must admit that it’s not very beautiful to show interest in a friend on Twitter when you have a legitimate husband. No matter how long you are together, this is categorically impossible.

If it turns out that, being together, you are each doing your own business and not communicating, know: this is a sure sign that something is wrong in the relationship.

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