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Female psychology in love and relationships

The psychology of women in love is significantly different from that of men, women are emotional, impressionable, love is perceived in a more romantic light, idealization of a loved one often occurs.

How to determine the signs of a woman’s love, the psychology of love allows you to find the answer and better understand your loved one:
A girl in love blooms, becomes more beautiful – her eyes glow with happiness, she takes care of herself (makeup, hairstyle, outfit), love inspires and gives strength.
He is in a good mood, smiles more often, enjoys life, friends, especially his beloved person – calls, messages.
Seeks to spend more time together, and most importantly – to communicate, women have a huge need for communication, understanding, recognition of a loved one.
A girl in love always considers her beloved as a potential spouse, makes plans for the future, the main thing is not to rush to tell the young man about it
A woman is ready to help her beloved, to support, sometimes even to the detriment of her own interests.
Words say a lot about feelings – affectionate and tender, radiating warmth and attention.
It’s hard not to notice that the girl is in love, remember “Office Romance”, the heroine has changed dramatically, even younger thanks to love, indeed, this feeling works wonders, has a beneficial effect on women.

Female psychology in love and relationships is romantic, especially in young years, any woman wants to find a prince in her soul, sometimes we look for a long time and do not always find it. It is probably difficult to have high criteria. Therefore, among successful and beautiful girls there are lonely and unhappy – there are few strong and worthy men in life, and the fair half needs support and a strong shoulder. Most of all in the strong half, girls appreciate the desire to be sincere, faithful, reliable, to show responsibility, to protect their beloved.

love and psychology
Female psychology in love and relationships is associated with a high need to be heard, accepted, understood. A woman is a mystery that can be solved all her life.

However, men appreciate, first of all, such qualities:

a sense of dignity – a woman is confident, knows – is worthy of attention, there is an internal system of values ​​and beliefs;
insight and sensitivity – the ability to understand and feel another person sometimes without words on an intuitive level, women are sorceresses, they have highly developed similar abilities;
favor – the ability to accept and give in return, a feeling of gratitude to a man for his help, presence in life.
An interesting fact – men do not like to save the unfortunate, they can help a self-sufficient girl to become happier. Therefore, to attract attention, you need to be at your best in all respects – external (look great, follow the beauty), internal (find happiness in the soul, believe in yourself).
Women are created for love, for admiration, why do not everyone have a relationship, but men have doubts: can women love? Often there are situations when a beautiful couple in love can not live together for a couple of years, relationships break down, feelings go away. Who’s guilty? The reason is worth looking for in both partners.

The greatest mistake of women is increased sacrifice, they do not think about personal interests, care about the family, losing their self, health, strength, the result is a negative attitude towards others, unwillingness to live together, or a man searching for a more attractive companion. The second situation is increased demands on a man, lack of need for approval and recognition, a real woman knows that she is worthy of help and can calmly ask, politely communicate.

The main mistakes of men: they believe that finance and devotion are the basis of success, but they forget that a woman needs understanding, communication, approval, joint conversations, walks, time in the family. Often women suffer from a lack of attention, roses wither if they are not watered, and the beautiful half – from a lack of love, attention from a man.
Men are wondering why women do not know how to love after the wedding, where does a beautiful angel fly away?

Of course, women know how to love, they change, feeling inattention, lack of opportunities to realize themselves in the family. By nature, the female half is created to receive, and if she has to give without reciprocity, feelings go away. The question does not apply only to material wealth, there is a need for respect, admiration, understanding, compliments (kind words), symbolic gifts.

The psychology of a woman in love is more focused on the emotional sphere, we have a different language for expressing love. For example, a man needs sex, and a woman needs love and affection, a man needs recognition, a woman needs understanding, care. In difficult periods, a woman needs to speak out, and a man needs to be alone with thoughts, to be silent. All family difficulties arise due to a lack of understanding of the differences in the psychology of men and women.

Female psychology in love differs in the need to combine incompatible concepts. The ideal man is “my affectionate and gentle beast.” A woman is attracted by physical strength in combination with tenderness, care, devotion. In life, this combination is extremely rare.

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