Why do good families break up?
The psychology of relationships in the family is not an easy topic, psychologists devote a lot of time to it, conduct research, look for causes, consequences. Let's talk about the…

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How to survive a breakup and learn to be happy: the best tips
Depression after breaking up: what is it Alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction are known to everyone. By analogy with them, there is a dependence in relation to a loved one.…

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How to become loved and desired?
A similar question excites many girls and women; it is rather difficult to find a man of your life. Many girls complain about the frivolity of the intentions of young…

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5 tips for men and women

How to maintain a relationship between a man and a woman, the psychology of the issue is quite diverse, there is a specificity of the needs of a man and woman in marriage. Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of the psychology of the strong and weaker sex.
How to maintain a good relationship with her husband?

how to keep a long relationship
1. Accept the truth
Men do not have the ability to read thoughts, like women – they are more insightful, understanding. Try to clearly and clearly talk about expectations and needs (write a shopping list, stipulate an action plan for the day, week), plan your holidays in advance to avoid overlaps. By the way, it is useful to remind about important dates and holidays, so as not to miss Valentine’s Day or dating, they have “memory lapses”.

How to maintain a relationship with your loved one? Learn to speak directly requests, voice thoughts, be open in expressing opinions, desires, keep calm, communicate without complaints.

2. Communication – in moderation
Men have more need for solitude, relaxation. A woman often needs to talk it out, share news, follow the mood of her husband, do not talk nonstop, give him time to recover. Sometimes it’s better to discuss some of the issues with a friend than to constantly puzzle your husband with a stream of emotions and impressions.

Psychology, how to maintain a relationship – seeks to provide a partner with a comfortable stay together. An important point – men tend to ponder the situation longer and may hesitate, do not rush, give time for reflection. Each has its own characteristics.

3. Be lenient – forgive mistakes
We are all people who are prone to make mistakes, if a person loves and admits mistakes, then he is worthy of forgiveness. Resentments undermine health and relationships, it is better to learn to let go of unpleasant emotions – anger, envy, jealousy, irritation. All this is a way to nowhere, try to understand personal experiences, reasons, learn to get rid of negativity – auto-training, meditation, music.

How to keep a relationship for a long time? – to love, value, forgive, notice the positive in a partner.

4. Do not make hasty decisions
In each situation, there are various scenarios depending on the reaction of the woman. Try to understand your spouse, find out the circumstances, do not rush with reproaches for various reasons. An open dialogue is the path to understanding a partner.

5. Let the man feel like the head of the family
Responsible for family support, home improvement. A woman should be feminine, periods of weakness to increase male strength. And words of gratitude will strengthen a man’s desire to work for the good of the family.
How to keep family relationships? To support a beloved man, to praise for help and participation in family affairs, to keep cosiness in the house – to minimize claims, quarrels, to be always attractive and seductive, especially at home.

Over the years, the couple notice – feelings weaken, less romance, how to maintain a warm relationship?

Say compliments, kind and gentle words;
Surprise, make surprises (gifts, romantic evenings, love letters, SMS);
More often spend time together – family trips to visit, meetings with friends, field trips.
If you want to maintain your first relationship, strong and passionate feelings – you need to constantly maintain the level of passion and emotional closeness – go on dates, win again, fall in love, surprise, discover new facets of love.

How do men act to maintain a relationship with his wife, what are the basic rules?
Maintain the level of love – surprise, delight, try to diversify life. Monotony depresses everyone, especially after years of living together.
Talk about love, find a place for romance.
Regularly find time for joint communication, walking, romance, intimacy is also necessary for both – 2-3 times a week is the standard so that there is no desire to seek an attentive and loving partner outside the family.
Learning to listen, understand – women often need to talk, the man’s task is just to listen and sympathize or support, even advice is not always needed, more is understanding. A little attention in this matter will make her husband the best in the world.

Helping around the house, especially after the birth of a child – a woman in the modern world plays many roles, is responsible along with her husband for financial support, household chores, raising children. But women also get tired, they need support and help.
In a patriarchal marriage, the wife did not work, but was engaged only in household chores, now life has become more complicated and dynamic, treat with understanding, strive to take an active part in household chores.

How to maintain a relationship with your loved one? To maintain good relations with your spouse, you need care, love, affection, attention, help. Any woman will be the happiest and best wife, feeling that she is desired and loved.

The period of birth is the happiest and most difficult for a married couple. We are waiting for the appearance of a small miracle in life, we believe that it will brighten it up, fill it with bright colors, turn everyday life into a fairy tale. However, in books and magazines everything looks prettier than in life.

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