Become what I want! Or a strong desire to change a partner.
It sometimes seems to us that if a person living next to us changes dramatically the way we want it, then family life will get better right away, it will…

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The period of passionate love and honeymoon passes into a life filled with disappointments and everyday problems.
The period of passionate love and honeymoon, passes into a life filled with disappointments and domestic problems. Psychologists note 7 situations when a woman experiences difficulties in marriage and needs…

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Why do good families break up?
The psychology of relationships in the family is not an easy topic, psychologists devote a lot of time to it, conduct research, look for causes, consequences. Let's talk about the…

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How to keep a relationship in marriage?

Search for information, ways to improve the intimate sphere of life. Now a lot of literature is freely available for men and women, but remember – the main thing is not new techniques, but sensuality and a desire to please a loved one, otherwise it’s better not to try … You need a mood and a desire to give pleasure, make a variety of intimate life.
Tips are equivalent for men – mechanical actions will not help, but only naturalness and communication on personal topics with a partner. A woman needs love, care, tenderness, and men need conquerors, and passion for them is the highest manifestation of love. There is interest in the partner – it is worth striving to know the psychological and physical needs of the partner.

Relations between a man and a woman psychology: how to maintain a relationship with a loved one?
Maintain the fire of passion, seek spiritual closeness and understanding, develop relationships at the level of understanding, acceptance of a partner. An important point is that people change over the years, interests, personality traits, you can fall in love with a person anew or deny changes and be disappointed. But in the world there is no constancy, everything is in motion.

how to keep family relationships

Married couple – friends, partners, associates, future parents, lovers how to maintain a relationship? Remember that spouses should not strive to become a formal couple, but really close friends who understand each other and provide basic needs of each other, including love, affection in order to avoid the loss of a loved one.

The main ways to maintain relationships are described above, a couple can find their approaches to strengthen relationships.

The main thing is a joint desire to be together for a long time
The advice of psychologists on how to maintain relationships is not unambiguous, simple, often difficulties and discontent are associated with the inner world, childhood memories, internal complexes. Especially such manifestations are jealousy, suspicion, a desire to bind a partner, to feel constant attention. Often are signs of dissatisfaction with the “inner child” who lacks love.

Therefore, it is important to understand where the cause and effect in such situations may be worth working out internal fear and anxiety, getting rid of complexes and moods, learning to trust and conduct an open dialogue? We are all from the country – childhood, our manifestations in our personal lives originate in relationships with parents – were we loved, met with understanding, care or alienation?

Everyone wants to feel unconditional love, adoration, but it is important to understand that an adult must be able to take responsibility for relationships and love, then happy years of life are possible.

How to maintain a relationship with a guy? – think young girls. Often a lack of experience leads to mistakes – dissolution in love, idealization, loss of individuality – the partner and his interests are priority. In this case, there is a “paradox of passion”: the more love one person shows, the less interest the second partner experiences.

Everything must be in balance and harmony.
Each partner takes his own steps towards love, do not go after the other. You need to be a person, have your own interests, develop confidence, and strive to understand and support the partner. An ideal union is a combination of two independent personalities complementing each other.

Advice on how to maintain a relationship, friends often do not correspond to the truth, representatives of the older generation have extensive experience in life, learned to overcome everyday difficulties and deserve respect, were able to maintain feelings for life. Being interested in the secret, we get the answer: “you need to do everything together” – to help, support, inspire.

The peculiarity lies in a simple truth – in the old days things were valued and repaired, like relationships, now they are used to throwing things away and getting divorced right after the fading of passion. There is a significant difference in the approach to life, people, basic values.

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