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Family Contract Basics Questionnaire

Questionnaire “Fundamentals of a family contract” – a list of questions developed by N.I. Kozlov for the prevention of disagreements in the family. Based on the Questionnaire, a Family Agreement is created.
Falling in love, charm, candy-bouquet period – all this is beautiful and romantic, but when young people begin to live together, they live in some kind of reality. In which? Before creating a responsible relationship, it is important to get to know each other seriously, and the Questionnaire helps a lot.

Everyone who marries has an idea of ​​a future family life, but for the majority of people, the picture of their future life is very vague, and, most importantly, for him and her, they are significantly different. Suppose he thinks this way: “Since you love me so much, then you, as a real mistress (and like my mother), will take on all the burden of family troubles, and I will only come to the kitchen to eat.” At that time, she thinks differently: “Since you love me so much, then you, as a real knight (well, just in fairness), will help me in everything, we will do everything together or in turn. Isn’t it, honey? ”

But all this – just thinking and kissing does not bother them. And what will happen when young people get married? He told her: “I’m hungry for something …” She told him: “Yes? Well, go to the kitchen and peel the potatoes! ”He:“ How’s that? ”She:“ Yes, like that, with your hands! ”

Of course, you can discuss these prosaic issues (and hundreds of other similar ones) when the spouses have already tripped over them, but is this always the best option? He is already angry, she was already offended … But why wait until life pushes the spouses foreheads together? Reasonable people discuss their possible disagreements beforehand, as long as they have time for this and until clashes between themselves have obscured the main thing from them – their love, respect and interest in each other.

Of course, it is impossible to foresee all the possible problems of future family life, but many, and even most, are possible. So discuss them. And the Questionnaire “Fundamentals of the Family Contract” will help you with this. See in more detail how to use the questionnaire, who needs the Questionnaire and why.

Questionnaire Actually
Power and Money
Who is the head of the family? Everywhere? Is always? In everything?

How much should anyone earn? If the wife has little money, then how? Could there be a claim?

Will we accept help from parents? And if in return they appropriate the right to interfere in our affairs? Are we planning to help parents? How, how much, in what form?

Who manages the money and how? Is there personal money, or is everything common? How many? “You are a spender!” – how is this problem solved?

What kind of things should I take (use. Touch) you can not? Because of the corruption of what things can you cause another scandal? And what is undesirable for you in the apartment? What do you not tolerate?

Inheritance of property: what do you think about this? Is it relevant for you to discuss all property issues with the help of a marriage contract?

If there are contradictions, who cares more – family or work? Can one of the spouses not work? Under what conditions?

Do you have any other job requirements? What should not be there?

Is it possible for you to change jobs for your family? For what? Under what conditions?

Food and Kitchen
What are your wishes, requirements? Vegetarianism? Diets? Starvation? Sweets? Table setting?

How do we respond, if not tasty and monotonous? And if the wife tries, but the husband does not notice?

Who makes purchases: which ones, who wears heavy, who stands in lines, etc.?

Who cooks, should another help and in what? Can there be claims of “tasteless”?

Who cleans the table and does the dishes?

How do we react when someone is NOT: didn’t go, didn’t cook, didn’t wash, etc.?

Order and cleanliness in the house
Is this important to you?

Who sweeps and washes floors, vacuums, erases dust? How regularly? Do we always wipe our feet? If they brought dirt, who will wipe it and when?

Do we clean the bed immediately? Who! Do we hang a dress, a suit, do we always put things in their place?

How do we react when someone is NOT: does not wash, does not wipe, does not clean, does not lay, etc.? And in response?

Can you make comments to you? In what form is it impossible? Can you make comments?

Daily routine and sports
Are you an owl or an early bird? What time will you usually get up and go to bed? On weekdays, on weekends? Should the other spouse live the same way? And if you interfere with each other?

Is it obligatory to get up early or immediately? Do exercises? Can someone here insist on something? On what, how?

Clothing, appearance and personal care.
Clothing: attitude to fashion, preferences, how much are you willing to spend, do you agree on tastes or does everyone dress as they like?

Is there an obligation to monitor your health? And if the other does not follow his? And if you follow stupid or excessive?

One fell ill – how to behave another?

How do we treat each other?

How do we treat children: doctors or sports and vigorous hardening?

How often do you plan to visit your parents and relatives? Necessarily together?

Can relatives interfere in your relationship and lifestyle? How and who, if necessary, will neutralize them?

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