5 secrets to maintaining an ideal relationship
Relations between a man and a woman psychology: how to maintain a relationship with a loved one for life? - the question arises in the presence of love and happiness…

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"How to save a marriage, how to restore a relationship?"
Recognize the need to restore relations, find the opportunity to convey aspiration information to a loved one, partner. The way to restore relations depends on the cause of the breakup,…

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Why do good families break up?
The psychology of relationships in the family is not an easy topic, psychologists devote a lot of time to it, conduct research, look for causes, consequences. Let's talk about the…

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How to become a good wife

It is not difficult to become a good wife, because many qualities have been inherent in you for a long time. Even in childhood, a mother teaches her daughter how to cook or housekeeping – in short, to be a good housewife. This is an important skill for the wife – to feed her husband and children deliciously, to create home comfort, having to clean, wash and stroke everything. This is taught by many girls, but not all of them later successfully put these skills into practice, and a good wife successfully copes with all these tasks – either by herself or by attracting family members to help, but always with love.

Caring for others and cheerfulness are other important qualities of a good wife, and she is valued above the first by smart men. A woman fills a house with joy and light, it depends on her responsiveness and good mood whether life in it will be happy.

A faithful friend and colleague for the spouse – this is another quality inherent in the definition of “good wife”. The girl was lucky if in childhood dad was involved in the upbringing process and taught his daughter, having removed excessive emotionality, to use his mind and try to prevent words from diverging from the deed. These qualities cause great respect in men.

I want to become the best wife.
A good wife certainly has wisdom. She is a kind mother, and loves her children by all, while the father tries to grow worthy people out of them. But, nevertheless, the mother plays the main role in their upbringing. And it will be pleasant for the husband to see with what ease and patience the wife solves any children’s problems, accustoms them to independence, organizes their leisure. A real man will definitely appreciate it.

The wife should be able to organize everything correctly. First of all, it is self-organized – it has a clear action plan for the whole day, and the main, if not all, part of them is usually completed by evening. This also applies to taking care of one’s own appearance and health. If a woman gives up on herself, abandons worries about her own attractiveness, then over time she will cease to like herself, and those around her will treat her the same way.

Speaking of organization, we do not think that a woman should do all the household chores herself. It is necessary that they be implemented – with the obligatory involvement of all household members. It is not at all necessary for a woman, exhausting herself, to pull on herself all the hardships of everyday life, sometimes just need to ask for help. And if you do it skillfully – fun and without moral tension, then it will be pleasant for loved ones to participate in household chores, and everything planned will be done on time and with great willingness.

The rules of a good wife.
If we consider the husband as the head of the family, then the wife with him is the secret leader, a kind of “gray cardinal” who creates the proper atmosphere in the family and sets goals for the spouse, which he can later voice and solve. To think over the basic matters in the family is the wife’s occupation.

A small female feat is to perform daily routine work, even without the hope of being noticed and appreciated. But when you succeed, the respect of your loved ones is guaranteed. As, however, and self-esteem.

Becoming a good wife is easy: you just need to learn this. Surely you already know almost everything. You learned that for a long time.

Mom teaches her daughter to cook and do household chores, daughter learns to be a mistress. Probably, this is the first skill of the wife: to feed her husband and children, to create comfort in the house, when everything is washed, ironed and tidied. Does every woman know how? Not. A good wife – not only knows how, but also loves.

Grandmother called her granddaughter the Sun, admired her smile, taught to be caring and enjoy life. This is the second skill of the wife, although many smart men consider it her main quality. Woman is a smile, woman is a joy; how wonderful it is when a woman is filled with light and love, when her voice sounds like a ringing bell. Indeed, it is precisely the wife who first adorns the life of the family. From her mood and mood, from her attentiveness and responsiveness depends on how this life will be joyful and happy.

The third skill of the wife is the ability to be a friend and helper for the husband. Who taught her this? Maybe dad? Dad believed that his daughter must be smart. Being able to set aside one’s emotions, turn one’s head on, think about others and answer for one’s words are the qualities of a wife that inspire the greatest respect. Men love when they are interested in their opinions, when they are asked and discuss issues without emotions, calmly and reasonably.
Do not talk for a long time, stop more often and ask: “What do you think?” – It will be very nice for a man. He spoke out, you do not agree – take your time, think. Repeat what he said, ask if you understood him correctly – this is much better than arguing. Try to agree with what he is still right in – you will succeed, because you are smart yourself and have married a smart man. If you respect your husband more, he will respect you more.

A good wife is always an attentive and wise mother. A woman is ready to love her children, no matter what they are, but it is important for a man that his children grow up as worthy people. And who primarily brings up children?

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