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How to cope with emotions

Controlling emotions will allow you to more gently and efficiently use your own psychological resources. Only a few manage to achieve absolute success in this area. For example, Buddhists spend hundreds and hundreds of hours spending them in meditation in order to master their inner emotional world. Through many years of practice and meditation, they achieve impressive results. But this does not mean that each of us does not need to strive for this. Frankly, it is unlikely that any of you will achieve the same results, because you need to spend years, or even decades.

emotions as a source of problems
You cannot control what happens, but you can control your reaction to it. It’s all about perception. © Marnie Olivia Olson

However, for everyday life there will be enough simpler recommendations. An important thesis in solving your emotional experiences may be the phrase: ‘‘ The main thing is not a problem, but its solution. ”

Consider a few recommendations:
Do not be afraid of failure. Often, people focus their attention too much on situations, on the negative side of the process, and at the first failures, immediately become self-conscious, not trying to really make an effort and how to think about the possibilities and options for their actions. Do not be afraid of the first failures, even negative experience is priceless, because you have already seen the problem and decided to fight it.
Avoid emotionally unstable people. Another useful tool on the path to peace of mind can be avoiding communication with overly emotional people. Remember if there are people in your environment who are prone to excessive emotional reactions to stimuli. Avoid frequent contact with them, as they will have a negative effect on your already unstable emotional position and nullify the results already achieved.
Surround yourself with emotionally stable people. Quiet, focused people in your environment, on the contrary, can become the life buoy you can use.
In order that emotions would not become a source of problems, try to avoid emotional overload. It is in situations in which emotional stress arises too often – it is extremely undesirable. Even people who by nature have a very stable psyche and good health exhaust their limit of psychological resistance very quickly. Remember the firefighters, forensic doctors, emergency doctors. Each of these professions is characterized by constant and persistent stresses and, as a result, emotional burnout. Of course, leaving a job that suits you well in terms of career growth, financial security or any other benefits is not easy enough. But is money worth your health and relationships with loved ones? Your task is to find the most comfortable and natural environment for yourself in which you can do the things you need without much risk to your nervous system.
Take a break. Of course, there are situations that require your attention and your actions simply immediately and do not allow any delay. But let’s be honest, what percentage of them is truly urgent? Most businesses don’t need your ultra-fast response. Calm down, take a breath and carefully make the right decision.
Emotions as a source of problems have become an invisible pathology in modern society. People have become less stress resistant, and the number of external stimuli is growing every day. And in this difficult situation it is very important to control your emotions, direct them in the right direction, be able to manifest and feel them in time.

emotions as a source of problems
In the world, cases of severe hidden depression in patients are increasingly recorded, and this is a consequence of the unwillingness to pay attention to their own problems in time. Think about it, if you don’t want to turn in time for help to relatives and relatives, don’t want to change something on your own, or simply don’t recognize the problem of hidden emotions, then maybe one day you will not be able to get by with the help of a psychologist, and the consequences will become irreversible.

A small set of simple manipulations with one’s own consciousness and surrounding factors will allow one to stop perceiving emotions as a source of problems.

An ancient Chinese proverb says:

There are two best moments when to plant a tree. The first best moment was twenty years ago. The second best moment is now. ©

If you turned your attention to the problem of unexpressed emotions, then the second best moment has come for you.

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